Mental Health on the World Wide Web

Caveat: this page is not intended to be an exhaustive list of resources available to Mental Health Students it is merely an indication of the sorts of information that is available. If you find that some of these links are unavailable or are aware of others that may be valuable additions to this page please email them to me  Martin Wright.

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Nursing Organisations NMC Health Professions Wales RCN Unison A list of Nursing Organisations
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Life Long Learning sites

Bangor University Helpnet
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Mental Health Resources

The Psychiatric Nurses Discussion Group is a mailing list in which (generally) contemporary issues in mental health nursing are debated. This service generates a lot of email but may be very useful to you. If you wish to use this service you should subscribe to it for periods whilst you are in College and unsubscribe whilst on holiday or placement, whilst subscribed you are advised to empty your mailbox frequently. If you do not wish to subscribe to the service you may well find it useful to browse or search its archives.

The Older Persons Psychiatric Nursing discussion list: Older persons psychiatric nursing aims to allow nurses in the field to
discuss themes and events that they feel need specialist or experienced input on. The list hopes to support nurses working with dementia sufferers and their carers but also those working with those with more functional illnesses. The list hopes to reflect the reality than much mental health care of older people does not take place in specialist units by using "expert" knowledge to aid those working in general hospitals, nursing homes or in primary care.

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Schizophrenia Information

Schizophrenia The Schizophrenia Home Page
Guide to Serious Mental Illness Rethink (formerly The National Schizophrenia Fellowship)
What is it? The National Institute for Mental Health
An unorthodox view Psychiatry Deconstruction Zone
Schizophrenia: early warning signs
APT (2000), vol. 6, p. 93
Advances in Psychiatric Treatment (2000), vol. 6, pp. 93–101

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Eating Disorders

The International Eating Disorders Centre

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Intimacy & Depression: the silent epidemic
The Depression Alliance
The Dark Side of the Mood
Suicide Assessment Rating Scales
The Black Dog; A site aimed primarily at Irish Men
Music Therapy and Depression

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Bi-Polar Disorder

Bi-Polar Disorder  Link to sites with Bi-Polar disorder information
How to Avoid a Manic Episode
A Self Help Group of The Manic Depression Fellowship
Bipolar (Manic-Depressive) Disorder
Bipolar Disorders Information Center
The Manic Depression Fellowship Wales

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Dementia Information

The Alzheimer's Society
Losing Time: Developing Mental Health Services for Older People in Wales
For dementia

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Mental Health and the Law

Hyperguide to the Mental Health Act
Institute of Mental Health Law
The Mental Health Act & Mental Health Law MARKWALTON.NET

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Search Engines

In addition to the normal Internet search engines which may provide useful mental health information there are a number of specific search tools that may be of particular use.

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Pharmacological Information The Virtual Drugstore Medication in Mental Health care, this takes a while to load. British National Formulary United Kingdom Psychiatric Pharmacy Group

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Research Information

RCN and Research
Searching the Web
Theses Index

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Addiction Internet Addiction Drugscope The Vaults of Erowid
Alchohol Concern - The National Agency on Alcohol Misuse

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Political Resources The National Assembly for Wales The Department of Health Hansard Search Hansard

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Current Affairs


The Guardian and The Observer
The Times
Society Guardian: Mental Health

News Feeds

Press Association
BBC News

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What is Critical Psychiatry?
The Antipsychiatry Coalition
What would Adolf Meyer have thought of  the Neo-Krapelinian Approach?
What is Critical Psychiatry?
Understanding Schizophrenia
Training in "Antipsychiatry"
Critical Psychiatry

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Hearing Voices

Listening cure usful stuf from teh Grauniad

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New York Institute for Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies The CBT Website
Can CBT be effective in schizophrenia?  Linking Principles and Practice in Schizophrenia
Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy Links Links to lots of other sites
Why am I in Family Therapy? Northern County Psychiatric Associates 
Translating "The Facts" into clinical practice. . . Principles
Fear Fighter; A self help program to help you learn to cope with and overcome your fear

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Anxiety and Phobias

Just the names, but every phobia you could dream of! The Phobia List
Anxiety and Phobias Advice for Sufferers

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Lived experience of mental health problems  


Stress and mental health - one man's story

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Nursing Models

Launching the Tidal Model - Nursing Standard PDF File
The Tidal Model (For some reason it is easier to navigate this site in Internet Explorer than Netscape!)
Humanistic Nursing Communication Theory
We believe recovery is possible. (This page seems to load much more quickly in IE)
Felicity Stockwell's Home Page

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Welcome to
ECT On-Line

Nursing in Secure Environments

Listening To Women's Voices

Health Information

Health of Wales Information Service

Clinical Governance Information

The Commission for Health Improvement
The Clinical Governance Support Service
Some Clinical Governance Reviews in Wales
Links to other sites

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On Line Journals

The Australian e-Journal for the Advancement of Mental Health

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Bridges over Troubled Water


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National Service Framework for Wales

National Service Frameworks in Wales
Adult Mental Health

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Education Learning Links

Study Time

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Statistical Information

Census 2001

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Classification of Illness


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Clinical Psychology

Psychotic Experiences published 2000
Clinical Psychology; monthly newsletter

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First Aid

The  Mental health First Aid programme

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Neuro Science

The Society for Neuroscience

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Reflective Practice

Reflective Practice
Reflective practice and team
teaching in mental health care

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Voluntary Sector Resources

Mentality - Promoting Mental Health
Unllais is a voluntary sector mental health development
Mind - For Better Mental Health
Mind Cymru
The Manic Depression Fellowship Wales

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Needs Led Care

Needs Led Care Pathway (Acute Inpatient Care) Needs Led Care Pathway (Acute Inpatient Care) in York

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