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Mental Health Nursing

Elderly Care Care Programme Approach Published Reports
Service Users and Carers Post-Natal Depression NICE Guidelines
Best Practice Guidelines Other Therapies Protection of Vulnerable Adults
Newspaper Features New Clinical Care Pathways Alternative Views
Violence Evidence Based Practice  


Mental Health and the Law

Hyperguide to the Mental Health Act

Institute of Mental Health Law

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 (Download the Act and the Code of Practice)

Mental Capacity Act 2005, Code of Practice

Dave Sheppard Associates Ltd (See sample Bulletin and Links)

Receiving treatment.

The Mental Health Act Code of Practice for Wales, Mental Health Act Secondary Legislation prepared under the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

Care Services Improvement Partnership

Schizophrenia and Psychosis Information

The Schizophrenia Homepage

Guide to Serious Mental Illness

The National Institute for Mental Health - What is Schizophrenia

Information on symptoms and treatment of psychosis - Fraser Health

AuthorityPositive Practice in Psychosis :: Users & Carers Overview

Positive Practice in Psychosis


National Service Frameworks in Wales

National Service Frameworks for Wales

Adult Mental Health Services for Wales


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Anxiety and Phobias

The Phobia List

Guidance from the Royal College of Psychiatrists

Anxiety Alliance



The Depression Alliance

The Dark Side of the Mood

Surviving Suicide


Post-natal Depression

Elaine Hanzak's Website

"For many people the journey of pregnancy and motherhood is a very delightful and rewarding experience. Yet for me this was not the case as I developed baby blues, postnatal depression and ultimately puerperal psychosis. Yet I made a full recovery."


Voluntary Sector Resources

Mentality - Promoting Mental Health

Welcome to the Unllais website

Croeso i safle Unllais ar y we

Mind - For Better Mental Health

Mind Cymru

Welcome to the Alzheimer's Society

The Mental Health Foundation

Bright Stuff - Some useful resources including a link to Star Wards


Other Resource Sites

Psychiatric Nurses and the Internet

Internet Mental Health

Royal College of Psychiatrists

Welcome to CPD Online - An online learning resource for mental health professionals from the Royal College of Psychiatrists

The Mental Health Foundation

Mental Health Wales

Iechyd Meddwl Cymru

Mark Namgauds's Bookmarks

Bob the Psychiatric Nurse

Welcome to NICE

Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health

National Institute for Mental Health

The Mental Health Alliance - contains links to many other organisations

Healthopedia Mental Health (Mental Disorders)

100,000 Welcomes - Lots of links

Hypnotherapy Directory Search for a Hypnotherapist

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Mental Health and Learning Disability

Connects: the Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Portal

Learning About Intellectual Disabilities and Health

A Learning Disability History

A Timeline of Institutional Care

British Institute of Learning Disabilities

Learning Difficulty Links; Currently this page is not being updated but most of the links do work

England – Valuing People website

The Learning Disability Implementation Advisory Group (LDIAG) advises the Welsh Assembly on all issues around learning disabilities.

MENCAP Understanding Learning Disability

Welcome to the Web site of The National Development Team

National Electronic Library – Learning Disability Specialist Library

Scottish Community Learning Disability Network

Scottish Learning Disability Consortium The same as you? A review of services for people with learning disabilities

“Same as You” Scotland

Building Community through Circles of Friends

National Network for Learning Disability Nurses

POMONA Health Indicators for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Person Centred Approaches, Community Living

Clear Thoughts The Mental Health in Learning Disability Knowledge Centre



Study Aids

Google Scholar

Study Guides and Strategies


Mental Health and Art

Mad For Arts


On-Line Journals

Mental Health Nursing

Specialist Library - Mental Health



The Tidal Model - Home Page

The Tidal Model - A Beginners Guide

Recovery: Definition & Components

Recovery - Emerging Best Practices

Recovery and Self Management

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill links to lots of recovery sources

A web resource site dedicated to mental health recovery research

Spiritual Recovery - Rufus May

Recovery from Severe Mental Illness


Psycho-Social Interventions

What is Praxis CBT? (The Praxis CDRom is available in the SNMHS)

Some information about Fear Fighter

Some information about Beating the Blues


National Association of Lead Nurses in ECT (NALNECT)

Hospitals represented at North West ECT nurse group


Maintaining our own Mental Health

Maintaining a balance (BBC Health)


Multi Agency Care

The Care Services Improvement Partnership (CSIP)


Current Affairs



Unprescribed Drugs

Drugs in the family: the impact on parents and siblings


Mental Health.TV

Mental Health.TV

You will need at least a 512k Broadband connection and Windows Media Player 9 installed to access the video content on this site


Mental Health Nursing

From values to action: The Chief Nursing Officer‘s review of mental health nursing



Preferred Futures

Refocusing Acute Psychiatry

Star Wards (A pdf download, you will need to have Acrobat Reader)

'Practical ideas for improving the daily experiences and treatment outcomes of acute mental health n-patients'


Elderly Care

Admiral Nurses

Caring for the Carers

Alzheimers Help On Line

Dementia UK: Major new report shows the impact of dementia in the UK Download the summary


Care Programme Approach

Welsh Assembly Government: The Care Programme Approach for Mental Health Service Users (pdf file)


Published Reports

Report of the independent inquiry into the care and treatment of Michael Stone


Service Users

Redressing the Balance

'User Involvement in the Training of Mental Health Nurses in Wales'

Positive Practice in Psychosis :: Users & Carers Overview



NICE Guidelines

Nice Home Page

Mental health and behavioural conditions

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)

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Best Practice Guidelines

The Chief Nursing Officer for England's Review of Mental Health Nursing


Other Therapies



Protection of Vulnerable Adults

Vulnerable adults: Department of Health Information

Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA) scheme in England and Wales for care homes and domiciliary care agencies: a practical guide

POVA - Protection of Vulnerable Adults: CRB

Information for service providers about the Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA) scheme:CSCI

Protection of Vulnerable Adults:Loads of Links



Newspaper Special Features

Now we're talking: Tales of breakdown and recovery Independent on Sunday 13th March 2007


Clinical Care Pathways

Integrated Care Pathway for Service Users with Psychosis The purpose of this web page is to chart the development of an Integrated Care Pathway for service users from the Arfon Community Mental Health Team (CMHT).


Alternative Views

International guide to the World of Alternative Mental Health: Thousands of people around the world have recovered from mental disorders and now enjoy the simple pleasures of a drug-free life. Most were told this was impossible. Yet we hear from these individuals regularly.



Third of nurses frequently attacked at work Times Online March 3rd 2008


Evidence Based Practice

What is series...? "The implementation of evidence based practice is increasingly vital for healthcare professionals. The 'What is...? series explains the key concepts in a clear, concise and accessible format."

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